Video Baluns

S-020 Video Balun Screw Type

Features :

  • Single Channel Passive Video Transceiver
  • Use CAT5/5e/6 UTP Cable
  • Transmit real-time video 1 channel true color
  • It can work together as transmitter or reviewer
  • It features long distance transmission
  • Good transmission effect, strong anti interference.
  • Widely used in security for better result use VB-03 or VB-04 MX Cable.

S-021 Video Balun Solderless

Features :

  • Single Channel Passive Video Transceiver
  • "Press-Fit" terminal block
  • PAL/NTSC Real-time Video Transmission with Tue Color.
  • Exceptional Interference Rejection and
  • Built-in Surge Protection.
  • Convenient Wiring, Higher Cable Utilization Rated and
  • Lower Composite Wiring Cost.
  • Compact in size.

S-022 Video Balun Weather Proof

Features :

  • No power required
  • Transmission single: 1 Vpp composite video.
  • Transmission distance up to 300m working with passive transceivers (e.g. UTP101P-II, UTP101P-B1).
  • Compatible with worldwide formats including PAL
  • Built-in Surge & transient Protection.
  • Super interference rejection.
  • Weather & Water proof for outdoor camera.